About Me

I am a self-taught furniture maker. I started my career in the early 80’s in my home state of Maine. Most of my influences at that time were traditional furniture makers. Over the years, my work has evolved, but remains rooted in traditional form and function. I describe it as uncomplicated with a contemporary flair. I believe my designs can fit into any setting and outlast changing fads.

I build each piece one at a time, using traditional joinery techniques to ensured long lasting furniture. I don’t use stains. I prefer to select woods that compliment the client’s interior. Each species of wood has its own natural color and I enhance it by using an easy to take care of, non yellowing, clear finish.

For me, furniture making is adventure. It never becomes boring because there are so many varieties of wood to choose from, and no two boards are alike. Designing a successful piece of furniture is like putting a puzzle together – selecting all the pieces so that the grain and color of each piece flow with the lines of a particular design. When I accomplish that, it gives me great pleasure.
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